Every body hurts


Panadol ‘Inspiring Every Body’

Pain management isn’t the most exciting topic, but it’s something that impacts us all in one way or another. It’s also not always a bad thing to have some aches and pains, especially when exercising, because a real workout hurts.


This thought sat at the centre of our Panadol ‘Inspiring Every Body’ campaign. A large scale brand activity, Panadol IEB framed a sponsorship activation of the City to Surf. We created training camps, content series, social media programs, shopper activations, delivered 20,000 live engagements and reached 5.5 million through a channel ten broadcast partnership.


Most importantly, we reframed pain management with Panadol as a positive, enabling part of a healthy lifestyle.


It was a big program, so let us take you through it in detail.