Bringing the
magic back


Paddle Pop ‘Magilicka’

As custodians of an Aussie promotional marketing icon – Paddle Pop ‘Lick-a-Prize’ – we were briefed to modernise the activity for a new year and new generation of kids.


We overhauled everything. We reworked the match-to-win mechanic, use of the Paddle Pop Lion movie licence and tiered prizing structure. Most importantly we introduced mobile AR technology – long before Pokemon Go – to reinvent the whole activity for kids.


It was cool in a way a photoshop mockup could never convey. So when we presented the idea to the Paddle Pop team, we didn’t put up a bunch of boards. We handed over an iPad with a fully working demo. You should have seen their faces.


The campaign delivered on every level. Hit us up for a game some time.